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Case Study 1

Site in Cambridge

This client had invited several companies to produce schemes to refurbish his property, which was originally built in 1970. There was also the possibility that he might need a new warehouse to store goods.
We were given a brief outline of his requirements and over a twelve month period of discussion and revision, we convinced him that our final solution was the best. We constructed a first floor office extension and a new warehouse on a design and build basis.

We acted as Planning Supervisor for the project.

Case Study 2

Site in Lincolnshire

This enquiry came to us from a local firm who knew of our work. The client gave us a brief outline of his requirements and from that we produced a scheme to design and build two workshop units for very prominent suppliers of refrigerated lorry units for the food industry.

We subsequently received a contract to extend one of the units.

We acted as Planning Supervisor for both projects.

Case Study3

Site in Cambridgeshire

We were invited to tender for the structural steelwork and cladding for a cold store to be constructed by a local civil engineering contractor for an end client.

Our tendered price was competitive but the project was stalling. Eventually the end client contracted us direct and, after a detailed discussion, it became obvious that the project as conceived was too expensive overall because it had been over designed, particuarly in respect of the groundworks.

Our own engineer was able to produce an alternative method after conducting soil tests on site reducing the cost considerably. As a result, we completed the project, much to the satisfaction of the client.

We acted as Planning Supervisor for this project.

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